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This software and information is provided free as a service to the horticultural industry. No warranties are expressed or implied. No liability is assumed by us or the developers. Use totally at your own risk.

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-Visit Website SprayLog

Looking for a program to help you record your spray diary? You need SprayLog! This software is generic so any grower can use it for any crop that they grow. Its been designed to make it as easy and time efficient as possible for growers to record their spray applications.

-Visit Website Spray Plan Manager

More and more councils around New Zealand are changing there statements from "growers should have a property spray plan" to "growers must have a property spray plan". Don't get caught out! Use this free online tool to help you collaborate all the information you need into a nice report, including a GIS property map!

-Visit Website Crop Irrigation Log

As more demand is put on water supply, it becomes more important for growers to manage their water use more efficiently. That's what this software aims to achieve. It is still under development, but there is an online calculator available the supplies current, potential evapotranspiration (PET) values for many horticultural locations around New Zealand.

-Visit Website Weather Data

HortPlus contributes to the New Zealand horticultural industry by offering the daily weather records from our entire national weather station network for free. This includes the maximum, minimum and average air temperature, soil temperature, grass temperature and total rainfall.

-Visit Website Sun/Moon Phase's

Sunrise, sunset and moon phase information for the next 7 days. This can be useful information, especially for those with alternative growing methods.

-Visit Website Severe Weather Warnings

The New Zealand MetService generates severe weather warnings, these are made free through a contract with the Crown. These warnings are vital if they are issued for your area so check them regularly.

-Visit Website Apple Codling Moth

This tool is the only official M.A.F. approved apple codling moth model in New Zealand, used to guide growers for their first mandatory codling moth spray application to catch the second generation moth flight.

-Visit Website Agrichemical Product List

HortPlus manages a complete list of New Zealand registered, horticulture spray products. This includes a large number of supplementary products, like organic and natural products. This complete list is freely available.

-Visit Website Metvuw.com - Weather & Climate Service

Free weather information generated and owned by James McGregor. James's service includes rain radar images, satellite imagery, forecast charts and ocean forecasts. Although it is important to note that he does not recommend that his forecasts be used for "...decisions relating to the protection of property."

-Visit Website Weather Sense Column

Check out HortPlus' Weather Sense column which appears monthly in New Zealand's premier magazine The Orchardist. We make all the articles available so that you don't miss any.

-Visit Website Spray Drift Forecast

This free website aims to advise applicators of the optimum conditions to apply agrichemicals based on weather forecasts produced by the National Weather Service. Using this information; the risk of spray drift onto sensitive areas can be minimized.