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MetWatch Daily Reports (MDR)

MetWatch Daily Reports is a service we supply to those with the preferred option to receive the unique, critical weather information, disease information and interpretations via their email.

MetWatch Daily Report (Forecast) Receive once-a-day reports from your station of choice that include hour-by-hour weather data with the highly localized weather forecast, 14-day regional forecast, weather maps and interpretations of this data for disease risk assessments. Also twice-a-week station summaries for crop management that include weather summaries, growing degree day and winter chilling graphs.

We understand that everyone is different and has their own routine for managing their crop, so we let you decide when the best time of the day would be, to send your MetWatch Daily Reports. Each report is generated just before it is scheduled to be sent, this means that when you receive the report you have the most recent weather and forecast data available.


  • A graphical display of weather data and disease risk that is easy to understand and interpret.
  • Display forecast hourly weather information, providing an integrated display of forecast disease risk assessment, preceding disease events, and forecast spray conditions.
  • Have the data you want delivered to your email inbox, no need to login or visit any websites.
  • The report size is relatively small, ranging from 20Kb - 60kB. Ideal for dial-up internet connections and will not clog up your email.

Available Reports

Weather forecasting information is provided by MetService - New Zealands premier provider of weather forecasting services.

Forecast Report

This report has the 2½-3 day hour-by-hour weather forecast, 14-day regional forecast and the weather maps. For more information of these forecasts visit our MetWatch OnLine page.

Station Summary

This report has the 4 year, growing degree day comparison graph, the 4-year winter chilling units graph, and a summary of the weather for the last few days, rain totals, gdd, etc.

Grape Report

This report is specifically for grape growers. The hour-by-hour weather data and the highly localized weather forecast are combined and interpreted in to disease risk assessments for

  • Grape Botrytis Rot (Broome).
  • Grape Downy Mildew.
  • Grape Powdery Mildew.

Pipfruit Report

This report is specifically for pipfruit growers. The hour-by-hour weather data and the highly localized weather forecast are combined and interpreted in to disease risk assessments for

  • Asco Spore Release.
  • Apple Black Spot (Apple scab).
  • Fire Blight.

Stonefruit Report

This report is specifically for stonefruit growers. The hour-by-hour weather data and the highly localized weather forecast are combined and interpreted in to disease risk assessments for

  • Peach Brown Rot.
  • Peach Leaf Curl.
  • Peach Leaf Rust.

Vegetable/Generic Report

This is a generic report that uses the hour-by-hour weather data combined with the highly localized weather forecast to show favorable weather conditions for wetness driven diseases.

Which MetWatch is best for me?

Generally MWOL is your best option, but if you need to import your own data or do other things with the weather data like reports, you may be better off with the MetWatch Software.

If you are not sure which product is best for you, we suggest the first this you do is sign up for a free trial of MetWatch Online.

MetWatch Software

Pros (+) Cons (-)
  • Very fast, little to no loading time.
  • Mature software that's been developed for over a decade.
  • Able to import data from almost any source for use with the MetWatch disease risk and analysis tools.
  • Pay per weather station access.
  • Not as many forecast options as MWOL.
  • Will not work on an Apple Mac computer.

MetWatch OnLine (MWOL)

Pros (+) Cons (-)
  • Access to all weather stations, forecasts, disease models, and analysis tools.
  • Accessible from any internet connected computer.
  • Always have the latest tools and developments available, no need to manually update.
  • Can not import weather data from your own source.
  • The 'copy to excel' ability is not always available.
  • Longer loading time for dial-up internet connections.

MetWatch Daily Reports (MDR)

Pros (+) Cons (-)
  • Reports regularly emailed directly to your inbox.
  • No need to load a website or remember any login.
  • Delivered any time of the day or night.
  • Limited flexibility in changing model parameters.
  • Not as many models, tools and forecasts.
  • Weather and disease information can change after report is sent.


To help you decide if MetWatch Daily Reports are right for you, we offer a free trial. Be sure to give it a try before you purchase.

With the 'Plus' subscription you are not limited to only once-a-day reports, we can have them emailed any time of the day (or night), and as many times as you require.

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