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HortPlus Weather Station Network

Weather stations are absolutely critical tools required to provide data for disease and crop management. HortPlus manages a network of weather stations covering all the major growing areas of New Zealand. All of these weather stations are called using a modem with a telephone line, the weather data is frequently collected and loaded into our central weather database. This means that any of our tools or services that require weather data can connect to the database and extract the weather data that is required.

Ownership of the weather stations in our network is a mixed-bag. Some stations are grower-owned, some are owned by companies who have added their weather stations to our network in order to use them with our MetWatch OnLine service (eg. HortResearch). HortPlus owns a few of the stations and part ownership in others where we have collaborated with a grower to share the cost involved in installing a weather station on their property (eg. Trinity Hill Winery).

All of the weather stations on our network are Campbell Scientific weather stations (the New Zealand suppliers are Scott Technical). We can accommodate for different weather station models and manufactures, but we have found that Campbell Scientific weather stations are more durable and reliable which means they last a lot longer than others. We have always recommended Campbell Scientific weather stations. For example the Campbell Scientific weather station on Lawn Road in Hastings has been going for almost 30 years!

We are always looking to expand our weather station network in to areas where we need coverage, so contact us if you are interested in adding pre-existing weather stations to our network, or installing a new one on your property.

Please note that neither the owners of the stations nor HortPlus accept any liability for the quality of the data or possible disruptions to service. If you are looking for guarantees, you could consider installing your own weather station.

Weather Station Coverage

We have a couple of weather stations that we access via a cellular modem, these stations are called no more than 3 times per day due to the cost of mobile calling rates.

Region Number of
weather stations
Calling Schedule
Northland 4 6 times a day
Auckland 4 6 times a day
Bay of Plenty 4 6 times a day
Gisborne 8 Every hour
Hawke's Bay 15 Every hour
Nelson 9 6 times a day
Marlborough 11 6 times a day
Canterbury 2 6 times a day
Central Otago 5 6 times a day
Other 6 6 times a day


Not all of the weather stations in our network are mapped, but for the ones that are:

  • Star - Weather station.
  • Circle - NIWA weather station.

To open this map in a new window, click here

NIWA Weather Stations

The National Institite of Water & Atmospheric Resarch or NIWA, make their main weather station network data freely available though their CliFlo database.
NIWA have a very large network of various weather stations around the whole country. Visit the NIWA CliFlo website for for a complete list of available NIWA weather stations.

We have already added a few of the NIWA stations to our network, and can add more as required. A NIWA weather station on our network has all the advantages of any other station on our network and can be used with any of the weather tools we supply.

If their is a tier two NIWA weather station that you would like added to our network, contact us and we can include it. (Our contact details are at the bottom of the page)

Their are 2 main disadvantages of the free teir two NIWA weather stations:

  1. The weather data is always 48 hours behind, this means current data will never be available.
  2. The weather stations do not record leaf wetness, which is needed for most disease models. (We can calculate it using the other weather variables)

Weather Station Variables

Our weather station data is split into two main parts, Daily and Hourly. Also its up to the owner of the weather station to decide on the number of sensors installed on their weather station, so not all weather stations record the same number of weather variable.

Below is a summary of the percent of weather stations on our network that record the weather variable.

Weather Variable Daily Hourly
Air Temperature 100% 100%
Grass Temperature 20% 20%
Rainfall (0.1mm precision) 100% 100%
Rainfall (0.2mm precision) 10% 0%
Relative Humidity 90% 10%
Leaf Wetness (Std) 80%* -
Soil Temperature 5cm 5% 0%
Soil Temperature 10cm 35% 20%
Soil Temperature 20cm 30% 15%
Soil Temperature 30cm 15% 10%
Soil Temperature 50cm 5% 5%
Soil Temperature 1m 10% 10%
Soil Moisture 5% -
Evapotranspiration 10%* 30%*
Solar Radiation 30% -
Solar Energy - 45%
Wind Speed 80% -
Wind Direction 75% -
Wind Gust Strength 10% 5%

* These weather variables are really 100% as we calculate them from other available weather variables.

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Weather data from our weather station network is available through many of our tools that require weather data, eg. MetWatch Online and MetWatch software.
We contribute to the industry by making the daily weather data from our network, available for free!.

If their is specific data that you are looking for, then contact us and we can discuss further what you require and what we can supply. (contact details are at the bottom of the page)

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Note that demo units are available for most of our products so you can try before you buy. We limit refunds to unit sales, eg if you are interested in purchasing 100 data loggers buy one and try before buying the 100!

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