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HortPlus provides horticultural & agricultural decision support and management tools for higher profitability, better control and more peace of mind.

HortPlus provide growers with peace of mind when managing risk and making decisions for activities such as irrigation, spraying and frost protection.

Based in Hawke's Bay, one of the largest horticultural growing areas in New Zealand, HortPlus have been providing digital solutions to clients nationally and internationally since 1998.


MetWatch Online.
Your Online Partner for Better Growing Practices & More Timely Spraying.

MetWatch is New Zealand's most reliable and comprehensive source of interpreted weather data for proactive horticultural and crop growers. Providing real-time and historical weather information, MetService forecasts and analysis, and pest / disease risk modelling, MetWatch assists and supports decision-making for activity such as irrigation, spray planning and frost protection.

With over 80 weather stations located in the main growing areas of New Zealand feeding data into a central database, the user-friendly and customisable MetWatch is best-in-class and the premier go-to application for growing managers serious about maximising crop outcomes and satisfying compliance to industry standards.

Being online 24-7 means MetWatch updates are automatic and new tools and models are accessible as soon as they're released. Nothing is stored on your computer, so if anything happens you won't lose your subscription or need to replace your data. You can login from any Internet-connected computer, and you'll only need one subscription for home and office. 


• Accurate estimation of potential disease risks

• Custom configuration unique to your growing operation

• Streamline crop management practices

• Ease of documentation and industry compliance

• Peace-of-mind with the best weather data available

• Conveniently delivered online 24-7

• Foresight for irrigation, spraying and frost protection

• Data and analysis specific to your growing area


• Research-based disease risk models / assessment

• Soil moisture, evapotranspiration, dew points, leaf wetness

• Hourly local forecasts / 10-day regional forecasts

• GDD, chill unit data and online calculators

• Data from 80+ Campbell Scientific weather stations

• Highly detailed hour-by-hour MetService forecasts

• 30+ sub-regional forecasts in key growing areas

• Temperature, rain, wind speed / direction, relative humidity

*To meet industry body requirements such as Integrated Production Programmes and GLOBALG.A.P.


Other Products & Services 

Our Range of Decision Support Tools

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Receive Daily Weather Reports & Data to Make Better Growing Decisions.

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Making the Recording of Agrichemical Spray Applications Easy.

For Mitigation of Adverse Spray Application Effects.

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Record Temperature & Humidity for the Quality & Freshness of your Produce.

HortPlus is available for bespoke development projects: from mapping and irrigation management software in the cloud, to mobile solutions for vineyards. We are available to develop scalable and innovative solutions for your business or organisation.


Phone and Email Support

We pride ourselves on helping our customers use the HortPlus tools to their full potential directly through phone and email support.


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