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We Build Weather & Disease Platforms for Agriculture

At HortPlus we build digital decision support platforms for agriculture, horticulture, and other primary-sector industries.

Our goal is to give Growers, Agronomists and Researchers the best tools to understand weather conditions, activate research, increase crop returns, manage pest & disease risk, and achieve sustainability goals.

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Decision Support Platforms for Growers & Industry

HortPlus has pioneered the development of digital decision support tools for corporate agriculture and industry organisations through our online platform MetWatch.

MetWatch supports decision making for key activities including crop planning, pest & disease management, irrigation, and spray timing. The MetWatch Platform encompasses a powerful suite of interactive tools and data views backed by scientific models, monitoring inputs and a robust weather data network.

MetWatch is highly extendable and can be customised to your organisation's needs to integrate with existing infrastructure, on-property hardware, and business intelligence systems for a central point of truth.

We have been trusted by growers and industry for over fifteen years and provide industry-level platform solutions for Apples, Kiwifruit, Summerfruit, as well as a range of corporate and research solutions in New Zealand and internationally.

Digital Grower Tools for Agriculture

AgriTech New Zealand Member
HortPlus are a proud member of Agritech New Zealand

Agritech New Zealand helps connect, promote and advocate for shared interests in the primary sector and the use of smart and innovative technology for sustainable agriculture.

Built Upon Science

HortPlus provides a bridge between science and industry.

We strive to understand the underlying challenges that are being faced by growers and firms and to deliver technology solutions that solve these using our expertise in platform development.

HortPlus have a strong working relationship with leading scientists and researchers in a range of institutions in New Zealand including Plant & Food Research, as well as relationships with experts in agrichemicals, entomology, crop monitoring, and irrigation.

We have a proven record delivering practical pathways for activating research and extension, as well as being a key partner to industry in the journey towards integrated production initiatives and sustainability.

Plant and Food Research Office

HortPlus collaborates closely with research institutions such as Plant and Food Research.

Innovative Technology

Our platform is based on powerful science and data models to enable insight and inform management decisions for individual growers and agronomists, while also providing high-level overviews of regions and historical trends for managers and industry organisations.

We use a modular system architecture and design process to customise the MetWatch Platform to specific business and industry challenges. We are able to quickly dashboard new concepts and iterate projects to be responsive to changing needs and requirements such as Integrated Production Programmes and GLOBAL G.A.P.

Our systems are cloud-based and highly secure and developed for ease of use with the latest in responsive web technology.

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Sustainability Focussed and Trusted by Growers

HortPlus prides itself on delivering solutions that are time-sensitive and critical to grower’s operations. We understand the intricacies of the primary sector and the challenges that are faced throughout the season.

We believe in sustainable operation and building solutions that enable better resource use. Our tools play a key role in industry sustainability objectives and resource planning for individual growers.

For over 15 years HortPlus has continued to provide decision support tools that are used by growers and firms throughout New Zealand and we value our business relationships and the success of our clients over the long-term.

HortPlus is a great team!
They have contributed to the development of many science-based crop protection applications and are really great at turning complex concepts and models into simple, easy-to-use interfaces for growers.

Dr. Jim Walker, Plant & Food Research Scientist

Plant and Food Research

The HortPlus Weather Network is Plugged into the Cloud

We can tap into our network of scientific and research-grade weather stations located in key growing regions for historical weather, as well as using the power of the IBM Weather Company, MetService, and other vendors to enable highly accurate localised forecasts in New Zealand and globally.

Weather Data & Forecasts
  • High precision hourly weather forecasts up to 15 days in key growing areas and at a property-level to inform grower actions
  • Key weather variables including temperature, rain, wind and relative humidity
  • Agricultural variables including soil moisture, evapotranspiration, dew point, leaf wetness
  • Historical research-quality weather data going back up to twenty years
IBM The Weather Company
Australia Government

Our Platform Integrates
With Your Technology

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Connect Your Weather Station

Connect your own weather station hardware and networks of stations to enhance insight in specific locations.

The MetWatch Platform is compatible with a range of weather station providers and sensor equipment, including Harvest Weather Stations.

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Bring Your Data Sources Together

We can integrate with your existing tools, user management and business intelligence systems and processes to connect data including spray diaries, irrigation monitoring, and property information.

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