The HortPlus Story

HortPlus is New Zealand's leading provider of digital solutions to assist and support horticultural growers with decision-making. We develop digital tools that deliver weather data and forecasts, accurate analysis and disease risk modelling. 

HortPlus products and tools have been developed for better control over day-to-day operations, improved efficiencies, better outcomes and increased profitability. We're all about providing growers with peace of mind when managing risk and making decisions on their orchard and vineyard operations for activities such as irrigation, spraying and frost protection.

Providing Growers With Horticultural Decision Support

Based in Hawke's Bay, one of the largest growing areas in New Zealand, HortPlus have been providing digital solutions to clients nationally and internationally since 1998. We work with growers and industry bodies to target and identify potential disease risks, improve growers' spray timing and schedules, and generally assist them to enhance crop outcomes.

Where Data, Science & Technology Meet Horticulture

We work closely with the industry to convert large volumes of data and complex science into usable digital tools. Our products operate across most platforms and browsers including smart-phones with mobile responsiveness. Our expertise also spans database design and management, and synchronizing data between the cloud and any device.

Committed To New Zealand's Horticultural Industry

Our clients, from individual growers, to industry bodies and research providers, are drawn to HortPlus due to the increasing complexity of growing crops to specification, and to meet market and industry demands for accurate information on growing systems, weather conditions to assist with crop outputs. We offer paid subscription products, support and maintenance contracts, new product developments, and free digital tools for the industry.