Disease Risk Modelling

Horticultural Disease Risk Modelling & Crop Management

HortPlus products, tools and services are designed to help the horticulture industry access, interpret and integrate critical information within their growing operations. Ultimate objectives include being able to predict and manage potential disease outbreaks, enhance day-to-day crop management, and accurately make better decisions to improve crops and overall profit.

Solving Horticulture Problems & Enhancing Crop Outcomes

Inadequate disease control can result in poor crop health, high crop losses, decreased productivity and quality, and long-term damage to horticultural ecosystems. With timely and accurate data, both historic and forecasted, growers can anticipate disease occurrence and be proactive with prevention by spraying crops with accuracy and efficiency.

HortPlus Products & Tools for Disease Risk Modelling

HortPlus work with New Zealand's top scientists to develop and refine disease risk models specific to NZ conditions. Our products, weather data, weather forecast and disease risk modelling combine to support decision making for crop diseases in pipfruit, stonefruit, kiwifruit, grapes and field crops. The following table shows the pest and disease risk models available in HortPlus products.


  • Botrytis (Bacchus)

  • Botrytis (Broome)

  • Downy Mildew

  • Powdery Mildew

Field Crops:

  • Onion Downy Mildew

  • Onion White Rot


  • Asco Spore

  • Blackspot (Apple scab)

  • Integrated Blackspot (IBM)

  • Fire Blight

  • Codling Moth

  • Elsinoe


  • PSA-V


  • Brown Rot

  • Leaf Curl

  • Leaf Rust