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Sustainability Focused & Trusted by Growers

HortPlus delivers solutions that are time-sensitive and critical to grower’s operations. We understand the intricacies of the primary sector and the challenges that are faced throughout the season. We believe in sustainable operation and building solutions that enable better resource use.

HortPlus pioneered the development of digital decision support tools as the New Zealand Apple industry moved from calendar-based chemical spraying to a "Futures" Integrated Productivity Programme in the 2000s. The goal of this programme was to reduce sprays and residue levels and minimise environmental impact. Since then we have worked with a number of industries and firms to help them along this journey. With increasing market access compliance regulations and residue limits this has become a key part of industry programmes.

For over 15 years HortPlus has continued to provide decision support tools that are used by growers and firms throughout New Zealand and we value our business relationships and the success of our clients over the long term.

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