MetWatch Daily Reports

Receive Daily Weather Reports & Data to Make Better Growing Decisions.

A trimmed down version of MetWatch Online, MetWatch Daily Reports pulls weather data from one or more of our Campbell Scientific Weather Stations located in key horticultural locations around New Zealand.

You choose which station(s) and when you want to receive hour-by-hour highly localised weather forecasts and 10-day general forecasts along with interpretations of the data to predict disease risk, growing degree-days and winter chilling units.

Essentially, it's data when and where you want it so you can make well-informed decisions about irrigation, spraying and frost protection.


  • Data from one or more weather stations

  • Weather stations located in key growing areas

  • Accurate weather data and forecasting

  • Disease models relative to your growing area

  • Daily summary of GDD vs previous two years

  • Winter summaries of chilling units

  • Historic data alongside forecasts

  • Reports specific to your crop type


  • Choose the stations you want weather data from

  • Assess and predict disease risk periods

  • Make decisions based on regular forecasts

  • Receive daily reports via email or fax

  • Know your GDD and winter chilling units

  • Choose when you want to receive data

  • Only irrigate and spray when necessary