SprayLog Online

Making the Recording of Agrichemical Spray Applications Easy.

SprayLog is a simple-to-use web-based spray diary programme designed to make the recording of agrichemical spray applications easy. It can handle multiple properties over multiple seasons while keeping all your spray diary records in one place. With it's super simple block / spray framework, SprayLog works across all sectors of the horticultural industry.

You can record what was sprayed where (block), when (date), why (target pest / weed / disease), who (operator / growsafe certification), how much was used (rate). Share your records by printing or emailing them, or export them to an Excel spreadsheet.

As it becomes more common for official industry bodies to require and request electronic spray diaries from New Zealand's horticultural growers, SprayLog Online is a much-valued grower tool. It runs on virtually any computer or device and most importantly, SprayLog Online has been developed by New Zealanders for New Zealand growers.


  • All NZ registered products included (from ACVM Register)

  • Many supplementary products included

  • All crops and varieties included

  • Industry standard varieties / codes used

  • Simple block / spray framework

  • Works across all horticultural sectors


  • Simple and easy-to-use interface

  • Keep all spray diary records in one place

  • Works across multiple properties and years

  • Share your diaries with others

  • Comply with industry bodies and standards

  • Runs on any computer or device