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HortPlus SprayPlan Manager

SprayPlan Manager is a web-based tool to help growers responsibly manage agrichemicals. It identifies agrichemicals that have adverse effects on people and the environment. It also helps determine sensitive areas and hazards, outlines responsible chemical use, safety measures, and strategies to avoid spray drift.

SprayPlan Manager produces electronic reports and property spray plans that are a legislative requirement in most regions in New Zealand through regional council air plans. SprayPlan Manager can assist you in creating a Spray Plan for your property but it is important to understand a Property Spray Plan is not a Spray Diary.

The focus of a Property Spray Plan is on identifying and mitigating the effects agrichemical applications have on the surroundings. Once you've registered, you'll be guided through a simple process, helping you to collate information about your property, the agrichemicals used, and the effects on the surroundings, both environmental and people, into a plan for printing or emailing.

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  • Responsibly manage agrichemicals
  • Protect yourself, your neighbours, your staff and the environment
  • Avoid hazards and spray drift
  • Runs on any computer
  • Identifies safe use of agrichemicals
  • Complies with GLOBAL G.A.P
  • Comply with Regional Council air plans