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The MetWatch Platform & Our Technology

MetWatch is an industry-leading digital platform for weather, irrigation, and pest & disease risk decision support.

The MetWatch Platform provides local weather insight, powerful forecasts, and agricultural weather data to help manage pest & disease pressure, plan spraying and irrigation, aid crop planting, and to achieve sustainability goals.

MetWatch is highly extendable and we can leverage our powerful API to build new tools and custom solutions to meet your organisation's needs.

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A Powerful Digital Platform

MetWatch is powered by a modern technology stack that is highly scalable and backed by proven and secure cloud-based infrastructure.

MetWatch is hardware and system agnostic which means we can interface with a wide range of existing weather station hardware, digital tools and business intelligence systems and databases to bring critical data and analytics together into one place.

How it works

  • MetWatch combines sensor data, weather station feeds, phenology, and third-party information from a range of sources
  • Data is collected over mobile networks or provided by sampling and monitoring apps and securely stored in cloud infrastructure and processed
  • Models and tools powered by the data are accessed by growers, agronomists, and researchers through web and mobile platforms
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Platform Capabilities

  • Hourly weather forecasts up to 15-days for key agricultural variables
  • Actual data from a robust network of scientific-grade weather stations in key growing areas
  • A comprehensive historical dataset stretching back up to 20 years
  • A user-friendly and intuitive design system for use in the field or in the office
  • A powerful Internal API system for interfacing with existing systems
  • Connect spray diary reports, total usage reports, agrichemical residues, and pheromone trap monitoring
  • Integration with a range of third-party providers and hardware makers

Our Managed Weather Station Network

We maintain a network of scientific & research-grade weather stations located in key growing areas

We take weather data from our well established and expanding network of over 100 scientific-grade weather stations, located on private orchards, farms, vineyards, and research sites in the main horticultural and agricultural growing areas of New Zealand. We are also able to interpret weather data from a range of other sources including grower-owned weather stations to provide a full picture of the microclimates and other factors that are important to making decisions.

Our network of weather stations measure key variables including air temperature, rainfall, wind speed and direction, humidity, calculated GDD and chill units, alongside other parameters such as leaf wetness, dew point and evapotranspiration. All data is updated and fed into a cloud-based database for rendering, analysis and display with our digital platform tools.

Our NZ Weather Data Network
Weather Station

Scientific-grade weather station on the HortPlus network.

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