Weather Stations & Data Analysis

Data From Our Nation-Wide Weather Station Network

We take weather data from a well established and expanding network* of Campbell Scientific weather stations, located on private orchards, vineyards and research sites in the main horticultural growing areas of New Zealand. We gather and process the data, before delivering the results to growers and industry bodies via paid subscription products and free digital tools.

*As of August 2018 we have 84 weather stations in our network.

Metrics & Data For Better Growing & Management

Our network of weather stations measure a variety of metrics including air temperature, rainfall, wind speed and direction, humidity, calculated GDD and chill units, alongside other parameters such as leaf wetness, dew point and evapotranspiration. All data is updated hourly and fed into a central database for rendering, analysis and display with our digital tools.

Experts Managing Complex Databases & Analysis

We have substantial experience managing large amounts of data and making it available through our dynamic and powerful analysis tools. Our digital tools also record, analyse and manage spray diary reports, total usage reports, agrichemical residues, pheromone trap monitoring and weather station data.